Find the Perfect Home!

From just one phone call….. to a housewarming party:

It all starts with an encounter…we take the personal approach: it is above all human. You tell us about your plans and preferences, your price range, your time frame…and together, we define the specifications and validate the feasibility of your project. With over 20 years of apartment hunting experience in Paris and the Paris area, and more recently in the Eure region, we advise and guide you throughout the process.

We seek, you profit!

Next, we sign an exclusive research mandate, a real contract of trust. We share our roles to find your dream home:

We share our roles to find your dream home:

Fast! We contact our entire network and activate our professional monitoring tools. We identify, investigate and analyze all property announcements, we survey your potential neighbourhood, pre-visiting when possible;

We notice you as soon as a visit is arranged


Property hunters

Apartment Hunters…but not only…

Quick and easy– you have found your ideal Home! You can then rely on our expertise to ensure you get the best property at the best price. When your offer has been validated, we are right there beside you to check the necessary documents to finalise your transaction…

Last of all, we would be happy to receive an invite to your the housewarming party!

In short, our method is simple: Hard Work, Networking, Expertise, Responsiveness, Professionalism and Good Humour!

In short, our method is simple:

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Apartment hunter

For who ? Why call on property hunters? and above all, why To Your Wishes?

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